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Vocal Lessons now available!
Latest update: Oct 4, 2021
We're excited to bring Kody B on board who specializes in Vocals with many years of experience and education in performing and teaching! To start your Four Week Intro for only $49 plus Registration,...    read more...

Aspire Dance School

Limited time: Four Week Intro Rate for only $29!
Latest update: Oct 4, 2021
After ten years serving Saskatoon, we're excited to continue working hard to bring Fun & Professional Dance Classes to your community. We now offer a flat rate of $29 for your first four weeks...    read more...

12 Strings Studios

Enter to win an Electric Guitar and Amp starter pack!
Latest update: Oct 4, 2021
Register for guitar lessons in October and you will automatically be entered in to win a Squire Starter pack that includes an electric guitar, amp, picks, cable and strap! Valued at $320... Start...    read more...

Welcome to Studio 12 Music & Dance Co.

Music, Dance, Health, Education
Welcome to the Studio 12 Music & Dance Company! Your locally owned, community based organization focusing on the health, education and wellness for others. With a wide range of programs, we cater to those young and old. Whether you are looking for adult fitness and dance classes, grade school dance education, music education and more, we are a one stop shop for many families who look for a level of service found from passionate employees who care about their customers experience and progress. The Coda Project is one new way we have been able to begin providing opportunities for children who may not otherwise have any means to access any sort of arts interest they have shown independently. Together, with your support, we will continue on a path of higher education, passion, loyalty, and a strong sense of community.

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